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Can Vaping Kill Cats? 3Things You Should Know

As a responsible human being, it is not uncommon for you to be worried about the possible hazards you expose your loved ones to, especially through your habits and lifestyle. Many cat owners engage in various lifestyle habits that they suspect can put the health of their lovely feline pets at risk. Some of these habits that might be hazardous to living things around are alcoholism, smoking, and vaping.

Can vaping kill cats? Many cat owners who care about the well-being of their furry friends pay close attention to any of their habits that might negatively affect the health status of their dearest cats because these cat owners consider their cats to be a member of their family and love these amazing cats passionately, similar to how much they love their human children and wish for no harm to befall them. No wonder many cat owners involved in vaping are concerned that vaping around cats can lead to the death of their cats.

Vaping around cats and its possible risks is a serious issue of concern to cat owners who are guilty of vaping around their cats. However, to effectively determine if vaping can kill cats, it is important to understand what vaping entails, to give a credible answer to the question, “can vaping kill cats?”, that several cat owners who indulge in vaping around their feline pets are curious to know.

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What is Vaping?

Vaping is simply the act of inhaling and exhaling a mist, fog, or vapor which most times is made up of flavors and nicotine, through the use of a portable handheld gadget or device. The portable handheld gadget or device used in indulging in vaping is most times an electronic cigarette (e-cigarettes) or vape pen. For vaping to occur, a small handheld gadget, that is the vaping device, which is most times a vaping pen or an electronic cigarette, must contain a liquid which is popularly known as e-liquid.

E-liquid is the short form of Electronic Liquid, it is called e-liquid basically because it is designed to be used with an e-cigarette. The e-liquid also referred to as e-juice or vape juice, are flavors that most times contain propylene and nicotine. This is one of the major reasons why cat owners who are fond of vaping around cats get concerned about their safety of the cats.

Can Vaping Kill Cats?

Vaping around cats can be said to be an unhealthy practice due to the various health hazards cats are liable to suffer from it because Of the harmful substances contained in the vapor. Whether or not vaping can kill cats is dependent on certain other factors, such as the degree to which cats are exposed to vaping, the frequency at which cats are exposed to vaping, and other underlying sicknesses and diseases which cats may already be suffering from.

If you are wondering if vaping can kill cats then it is important to know the risk factors associated with vaping around our feline friends and the health implications that can occur from the habit. One of the key reasons cat owners want to find out if vaping around cats can kill cats is because of the harmful substances like propylene glycol and nicotine in the vapor inhaled and exhaled while vaping.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a popular additive found in some food products, and propylene glycol is already classified as a safe additive to food products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, propylene glycol is classified to be safe for human consumption but it is important to note that it is harmful to our feline friends. Since propylene glycol is one of the key components released when vaping around cats, cat owners who engage in the habit of vaping around their feline pets are skeptical and curious to know if their vaping activities are detrimental to their cats and if it can eventually lead to the death of their cats.

Vaping around cats is hazardous to cat health because it exposes cats to propylene glycol, potentially damaging red blood cells in cats. Heinz body anemia is a prominent blood disease that arises from damaged red blood cells in cats, which is a vital reason why vaping around cats might kill cats in the long run.

Due to the propylene glycol content associated with the vapor from vaping pens, electric cigarettes, and other vaping devices, vaping around cats can be considered unsafe. Cat owners who are guilty of vaping around their cats should look out for symptoms of Heinz body anemia in their cats. Body weakness, high fever, pale lips, loss of appetite to eat, and change in skin tone are some of the well-known symptoms of cats suffering from Heinz body anemia. Propylene glycol and its negative effects on cats’ red blood cells, help to answer the question, can vaping kill cats?


If you are one of those asking “can vaping kill cats”, then it will interest you to know that Nicotine is dangerous to cat health. Nicotine content in electronic cigarettes (e-cigerettes) and electronic liquid (e-liquid) are highly toxic to the well-being of our feline pets. Cat owners who engage in the habit of vaping around cats are endangering the health of their feline pets, especially as the e-liquid used in refilling the cartridges of the electronic cigarettes used for vaping is most times rich in nicotine.

Cat owners who regularly indulge in vaping around cats should look out for the symptoms of nicotine poisoning in their cats. Diarrhea, increase in heart rate, increase in respiration rate, vomiting, body weakness, agitation, seizures, and depression are some of the prominent symptoms of Nicotine poisoning in cats.

The Risks Associated With Cat Ingesting Vaping Products

Cat owners who indulge in vaping around their cats should be aware of some risks associated with cats ingesting vaping products. Cat owners who seek answers to the question, ” can vaping kill cats”, should also pay close attention to the dangers that may arise from their cats ingesting electronic cigarettes, electronic liquids, and other vaping gadgets. Cats are known to be curious creatures and are likely going to chew vaping products if cat owners are careless with their vaping products.

Cats will suffer mouth injury if they forcefully bite and chew vaping products such as electronic cigarettes, electronic liquid, vape pens, and other related vaping products. Aside from physical mouth injury, cats that ingest hardware vaping products, especially electronic liquids are liable to suffer poisoning from the toxicity of the chemical contents in the vaping products.

How To Protect Your Cat From Vaping

It is important for cat owners who indulge in vaping to protect their cats from vaping to avoid any risk that might arise from exposure to vaping. Vaping around cats, in the long run, can cause serious health problems for our feline pets, hence cat owners who can not quit vaping are advised to take protective measures to protect their cats from vaping. One of the ways for cat owners to protect their cats from vaping is to keep their cats in a separate room while vaping, to protect their cats from the toxins associated with the vapor from vaping.

Cat owners who indulge in vaping around cats can also protect their cats from vaping by keeping their electronic cigarettes, electronic liquids, vaping pens, and other vaping accessories far away from their cats, to protect their cats from the dangers associated with ingesting vaping products.

Is vaping Bad For cats? – verdict

Yes, vaping is bad for cats and can kill cats in the long run due to the exposure of cats to nicotine, propylene glycol, and other harmful chemical substances from vaping. Cats who suffer from fatal and serious underlying illnesses are liable to die quicker from the side effects of being exposed to vaping.

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