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Will My Cat Remember Me After 2 Years? 2 Important Factors You Should Know

Cats are quite intelligent and are capable of way more than what we expect them to be, but does it mean they will remember you if you travel for 2 years? Cats have both long and short memories, which are capable of retaining certain information (more on that later).

Will my cat remember me after 2 years? Age, experiences, and personality will play a very big role in what your cat can remember. Cats who have undergone terrible experiences such as abuse or neglect may retain things for longer, so it may take some time to trust their new owners. So, will my cat remember me after 2 years? Let’s find out.

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How Far Back Can Cats Remember?

During the kitten stage, all forms of memory begin to develop in a cat. The experiences the kitten will encounter will go a long way to determining how long they will remember things in their later stages.

Cats have short-term memory which is also referred to as working memory, this is the memory that enables them to store tricks and recall where they hunted for food moments ago. In 2006, cognitive research was carried out and it was discovered that; when you hide things from cats, they tend to have short memories about where you hid those things.

This means, as time goes on, the cat will keep forgetting the activities from hours ago or minutes ago, just like the way we humans may be able to recall phone numbers or house addresses for some minutes, and after that, it’s gone. Most cat experts will let you know the importance of routine with cats, once you can brush a cat’s teeth by 5 pm every day for a week, on the right day, the cat will expect you to brush its teeth by 5 pm. Cats’ routines are usually stored in short-term memory.

The long-term memories of cats come basically from the experience of so much fun or pain from when they were kittens. Cats that experience trauma as kittens will likely run into hiding each time you exhibit a trait of the previous abuser. Also, do you notice the way your cat always stays away from that friend of yours that it dislikes?

What Factors Influence a Cat’s Memory

Cats’ memories are relative as individual cats possess different abilities to recall both short and long-term memories. You may find it difficult to teach a ragdoll cat some tricks, but you may get another ragdoll cat and be able to teach it tricks easily—this highlights the individuality of a cat’s memory. Below are factors that influence a cat’s memory:


Most people get a pet for just the sake of getting it, while the rest understands the importance of bonding and engaging in activities with their cats. If you play a passive role in your cat’s life, even if you’re gone for only 3 months, your cat won’t still remember you.

The success of training a cat to walk without a leash depends highly on the excitement you provide while the cat is on a leash. Your feline friend will need mental stimulation from time to time as this plays a role in the cat’s memory of you.

Get more involved with your cat, bathe it, and get a lick mat for it, make use of youtube and get tricks you can teach them with the right positive reinforcements.


Pain has a way of making its mark on a cat’s life, abused cats never forget the taunting incidents. A cat breed with a calm personality like the Persian cat, if you step on its tail the first time—you may get forgiven, but if you do it the second time, it would run into hiding.

Your cat will likely develop separation anxiety if you kept neglecting or leaving it alone as a kitten. If a cat develops operation anxiety because of your actions, it will likely not forget you. Likewise, if your feline friend is afraid of anyone in your family, they will always stay away from their paths. How do all these correlate with your cat remembering you after 2 years?

Will My Cat Remember Me After 2 Years

Maybe, your cat may remember you after two years if you were not playing a passive role in its life. Even if you were playing an active role in the life of that feline, you may still need to give it some time to try and remember you and while you’re waiting, you can try calling the cat to let the name or try getting it to do a few tricks which you did with it two years ago.

According to Purina: ” a cat’s brain is 90% similar to that of humans” which means that a child you left for two years might remember you or not. The aid of little stimulation will aid a child that has forgotten you to remember you if you played an active role in their lives—the same holds for cats.

How to Help Your Cat Remember You

1. Leave them a special treat: When you’re getting ready to leave, give your cat a special treat that they only get when you’re gone. This could be a piece of their favorite food, or a new toy to play with. This will help them associate you with something positive, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when you’re not there.

2. Give them plenty of attention when you are around: Make sure to spend quality time with your cat when you are home. Give them lots of love and attention, and they’ll be more likely to think of you when you’re not there.

3. Talk to them: Before you leave, take a few minutes to talk to your cat. Tell them where you’re going and when you’ll be back. This will help them understand that you’re leaving, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when you return.

4. Take a picture: Leave your cat with a picture of you, so they can see your face and remember you while you’re gone.

5. Write a note: Leave your cat a note telling them how much you love them. This will help them feel loved and appreciated, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when you’re not there.

By following these tips, you can help your cat remember you even when you’re not around. So don’t forget about your furry friend when you’re busy with your own life, and take the time to show them how much you care.

Final Thoughts

Your cat will certainly remember you after 2 years but this will only happen if you spent quality interesting time with your cat or if you were a villain to your cat( which you don’t want to be). Little things such as teaching the cat how to use an exercise wheel, and teaching the cat a few tricks will help the cat bond with you.

I hate to mention this part, but your cat will love you so much and remember you if you give it so many treats. Only give them healthy treats such as roasted pumpkin seeds.

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