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Why Do Cats Purse Their Lips When Pooping? 3 Reasons You Should Be Aware Of

Why do cats purse their lips when pooping? If you spend so much time with your cat—taking them on a walk without a leash, rubbing their chin, watching them poop, and other bonding activities—you should have noticed your cat purses its lips while being engaged in some activities that have left you wondering Why do cats purse their lips when pooping?

Cats can be quite complex to understand sometimes, but some activities like panting and pursing lips can be a result of vulnerability, pleasure, stress, relief, or underlying health issues.

From experiences with my cat, I have provided reasons for why cats purse their lips when pooping and everything you need to know.

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Why do cats purse their lips when pooping?

Let’s start by examining this unusual behavior more closely. You may have observed that when some cats are using their litter boxes, they appear to slightly purse their lips. It’s not as obvious as when humans purse their lips, but it’s still a noticeable movement.

This behavior typically happens while the cat is squatting to defecate, often accompanied by a focused expression and maybe even a slight twitch of the tail. Although it may seem like a small detail, it’s intriguing to consider why cats exhibit such behavior during a vulnerable moment.

Exploring Potential Reasons

Anal Discomfort or Pain

One plausible reason for a cat to purse its lips while pooping could be related to anal discomfort or pain. Cats, like all animals, can experience gastrointestinal issues that might cause discomfort during elimination.

Just as we might grimace or tense up when experiencing pain, a cat’s lip-pursing could be a physical response to discomfort in the anal area. If your cat consistently exhibits this behavior, it might be worth observing their litter box habits and consulting a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.

Attempt to alleviate pressure

Another potential explanation for cats pursing their lips while pooping could be their way of relieving pressure in the abdominal region. Consider this: When humans exert themselves physically, they often make unintentional facial expressions.

Cats, in their subtle manner, might be doing something similar. The act of lip pursing could be an automatic response to the effort they are exerting during elimination, potentially assisting in alleviating some of the pressure that has accumulated in their abdomen.

Reflexive Response and Individual Variation

Just like we have our peculiar habits and quirks, cats also exhibit individual variations in their behaviors. Some cats may naturally pucker their lips when they poop, perhaps as a reflexive response that has developed over time.

It’s somewhat akin to how humans might tightly clench their jaws when they’re deep in concentration. While doing the bonding hours with my cat, I have noticed that cats purse their lips while you rub their chins and also while they stretch, and this reflects pleasure, which may be what they display while pooping.

Signs of Potential Concern: When Your Cat’s Lip Pursing Raises Questions

As we have explored the possible causes of this behavior, we must also pay attention to any additional indications that could indicate more than just a charming facial expression. Now, let’s examine in detail what other alterations in behavior might serve as potential warning signs and when it becomes necessary to seek advice from a veterinarian regarding your beloved cat.

Frequent or prolonged lip pursing

While an occasional purse of the lips may not be worrisome, if you notice your cat doing it for long periods, it’s important to take notice, as it could indicate that something is amiss and needs attention from your vet.

Crying or vocalizing during pooping

Cats are generally known for their quiet nature, so it’s important to pay immediate attention if you observe your cat making crying sounds or showing signs of distress while using the litter box. This behavior could indicate that your cat is experiencing pain or discomfort and should be evaluated by a professional.

Visible Signs of Pain or Distress

As someone who takes care of a cat, you have a unique understanding of your furry companion. It’s important to trust your intuition. If you notice any obvious indications of pain, distress, or discomfort while or after your cat uses the litter box, it’s recommended to promptly consult with a professional for guidance.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of exploring “Why do cats purse their lips when popping?” While a cat pursing its lips during pooping may seem perplexing, it offers us a glimpse into its complex world. This simple act likely carries deeper meaning related to physical sensations, individual personalities, and instinctive responses.

As caring cat guardians, we must continue observing our pets closely to better understand their needs. If we notice any concerning changes in behavior or signs of distress, it reminds us to seek professional advice promptly.

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