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My Cat Always Poops in the Car + How To Stop

Your cat may have just had an accident in the car, and you’re wondering: “My Cat Always Poops in the Car–how can I stop this?

Cats are very good at hiding their sicknesses, you have to be observant and aware of certain symptoms when they show up–cats come in contact with parasitic laden bugs like roaches–which means you may have to take your cat for checkups more than once a year, depending on the severity of his illness. This will require you to carry him on board to the vet’s place.

Asides from a visit to the vet’s place, you may want to cool off from a stressful week, by getting a vacation in a place far away–you will need to take the cat to a pet boarding place or take them with you. This means you’ll take your cat to a lot of places, and onboard your car.

Your cat may always have accidents sometimes or each time you carry him in your car–which leaves you wondering: why my cat always poops in the car and how can I stop this from happening. In this article, you will learn all the reasons why your cat poops in your car and what you can do to stop this from happening.

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My Cat Always Poops In The Car, Why?

The main reason why your cat keeps pooping in the car is stress/anxiety caused by being confined, the movement of the car, the sound of the engine, and unfamiliar scents in the car. Also, if your cat had an accident and you failed to clean up properly, he’ll likely repeat the same thing.

If the first time you carried your cat on board your car, and you took him to the vet’s place, he may always associate being carried in the car with going to the vet’s place. Ensure the very first trip is short and pleasurable(like going to a pet-allowed store, ad getting him some treats), this will save you from always having to get cat diapers.

How can I stop my cat from pooping in the car?

Cat traveling anxiety is a pain for both you and the cat; you may even prefer to take off a tooth than to carry the cat anywhere. Since taking the cat along with you means another cat accident in the car. The good news is, we have a solution for you and fluffy.

  • Make the carrier comfortable for the cat

You may get a big carrier that will contain the cat’s litter box, but this may not fix a thing. If your cat is anxious about entering a carrier, you will still have incidents where the cat throws up and
poops in the car. How can you get a cat to become comfortable in the car?

Don’t treat the carrier like a piece you need to use when you need to transport the cat to any location. Make the carrier a lovely place for the kitty, why not transform the carrier into a DIY cat pod where your cat can relax at home.

You can also make use of Feliway or cat’s vanilla extract to make the cat more relaxed with the carrier. You can use the extract in their pods, beds, and then the carrier. Always keep this as a short-term strategy as you don’t want to keep doing this always.

You can also place a blanket in the carrier(ensure to collect some cat happy oil by rubbing the blanket on their heads or back of the ear where the scent glands are. This will make the cat comfortable strolling into the carrier. The biggest mistake people do is to only bring out the carrier when it’s time to go to the vet.

  • Desensitize your cat about being in a carrier

You shouldn’t leave the carrier in the garage, as this puts stress on the cat each time they see it, rather leave the carrier in the house where you will train your kitten to get used to it.

For this training, you need a carrier with an open top. Every morning, lift the cat and place them in the carrier(make sure to leave a special treat, they can only get in the carrier. This trick will take away any fear of being placed in a carrier over time.

  • Regulate the temperature

Noise is a big source of stress to cats, if you turn in your air conditioning systems, there are chances the cat may be stressed out by this, monitor the cat and watch his reactions. Your cat could experience heatstroke if left in a hot temperature for too long.

  • Drive carefully

If my cat always poops in the car, speeding recklessly won’t be part of my agenda. Have you ever been in a fast speeding car, it’s nauseating! Drive, and ensure you don’t make any unnecessary fast stops or turns, as this can make the cat stressed–leading to an accident.

  • Minimize the noise

Ensure the volume of your CD, or radio is tuned appropriately–too much noise can place the cat in a stressed mood. Also, control the noise of the breeze from the windows. Talk to your cat in a voice it loves, as this will reassure him.

  • Place toys and things that has smells of you

If my cat always poops in the car,  I usually throw in some toys or things the cat likes playing with. You can also add a shirt you’ve worn for some hours, this will make the cat as calm as possible–his high sense of smell can be used to your advantage in this situation.

  • Cat diapers method

The fix listed above may work or not, you need to get cat diapers, this will help you experiment with a host of things like; leaving the cat to roam about freely in the car when you get to where you’re headed, you check off the cat had an accident or not, if he didn’t you may have just found a way out.

Using the diaper method you can also place the cat on your lap through the journey and talk to him in a comforting manner, check if the cat pooped on way to the vet.

Final thoughts

We have concluded the exploration of the topic: my cat always poops in the car and how to stop this from occurring. We hope you apply these fixes and let us know what your experience was.

Joshua Kaynard

I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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