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Maine Coon Siamese Mix: Everything You Should Know About Personality, Price, Adoption, Size, Lifespan

Before you decide to pick up a Maine Coon Siamese mix, there are certain factors you need to consider, their personality traits; which of their parents they’re likely to resemble.

Most household pets don’t fit into our lifestyles. maybe engaged with work from morning till evening, some birds are not independent which means they don’t see you around they’re likely to do abnormal things, and some breeds are prone to separation anxiety.

the Maine Coon is an independent cat breed that is affectionate, loving, and fun to be with, easy to get along with other house pets. While the Siamese cat can be clingy and will love to always see you around, plus they meow so loudly. What happens when you can’t always be around?

The main coon Siamese mix takes traits from both parents. They can be vocal, meow lowly, intelligent, and affectionate and you will find them easy to groom. The final outcome of the Maine coon Siamese hybrid may be difficult to tell as they are likely to pose with equal, or more traits from one parent.

In this article, we have made owning a Maine coon Siamese mix easy for you, as we uncover everything you need to know to settle this beautiful cat into your home.

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Maine Coon Siamese Mix Personality

The Siamese Maine coon mix can have an unpredictable characteristic since their parents behave almost in opposite ways.

The Siamese maine coon mix is independently minded, they act on their own accord. They can respond ideally to happenings around them in an appropriate way. The main coon Siamese mix is intelligent and assertive.

You will have a little to not many issues trying to get the Maine coon Siamese mix to obey orders, also they are playful and will enjoy the company of anyone else( children and pets alike.

These cat breeds can do perfectly well on their own for a great amount of time, but we advise you don’t leave them too long as they could develop separation anxieties.

To avoid a Maine coon Siamese destruction of properties, you should provide them with a chew toy, since they are prone to mouthing anything they see. This behavior can get out of hand if you leave them for too long, so be sure to buy chewy toys.

They are very loyal, and ill advise you to take advantage of their love for your treats and provide them with quality training early on. You will find out that they love to behave like dogs. The Siamese Maine coon mix is just perfect for any home.

Maine Coon Siamese Mix Size

The primary determinant of their size is which gene they possess the most. The Maine coon is considered one of the biggest cat breeds at 15 to 25 pounds, while the Siamese is not that big at 3 to 5 kg. The actual size of a Maine coon Siamese mix is 8 to 16 pounds, and their height is 8 to 40 inches.

Maine Coon Siamese Mix Lifespan

Maine coon Siamese mix enjoys a long lifespan of up to 8 to 15 years. Both parents of the Siamese Maine coon mix live long, with the Siamese living up to 20 years and the Maine coon can live up to 15.

To ensure your cat’s life is not cut short by any health problems, ensure you are buying from a healthy breeder. If you plan on adopting, still make sure you carry out the necessary checks.

Are These Cats a Good Addition To Your Family?

A Maine coon Siamese mix kitten is a great family pet. They have so much love and affection to go around. They can clean into a busy home with so much traffic as they can even get along with visiting friends and relatives.

They can get along with kids, but you have to teach your child how to play with the Maine coon and Siamese cat. We all know how much cats love to be on their own sometimes, which is why we get them a cat pod. Make your kids understand the cats’ alone time so they don’t push for play when the cat screams for its own space.

Do They Get Along With Other Pets?

Maine coons and Siamese are known to be confident and outgoing, which means their hybrid will likely get along with pets. A dog or a cat will love the presence of another cat they can play with since this will keep them busy in a case where you’re not always around.

However, trade with caution. It is usually best to introduce the Maine coon Siamese mix to other pets while they are still very young. The introduction of the pets is best kept as brief as possible.

The Maine idea is to let the pup and kitten sniff themselves and get used to the face of the other pet, if no serious aggression is shown over time, then you can allow them to be together under close supervision.

If the pets in your house consist of rodents, you may have some little issues as the prey drive of the Siamese Maine coon mix is high, which means they prey on rodent-like pets.

Food & Diet Requirements

As we made you understand in the passages above, there could be variance in the way your kittens turn out to be. If they get as big as the Maine coon, their maturity rate may be slow.

The dietary requirement of a Maine coon Siamese mix includes protein-rich and high-quality foods for the first twelve months before you inquire about switching their meal to adult cat meal, from your vet.

Feed them quality foods as your pockets can afford, and ensure the inclusion of meats. Here is how to take care of a five-week-old kitten. You shouldn’t dry yourself out in other to afford the kitten’s meal, but it is a great idea to avoid low-quality cheap cat food.


The Maine coon Siamese mix is a high-energy cat, you need to exercise them properly so they could burn their energy. A good exercise section should last up to 30 minutes to an hour. If you won’t be around to exercise them, Leave some interactive toys that will keep them busy and entertain the cat also.

You can take it to a whole new level by providing other cat-fun things like boxes where they can hide themselves, and things to climb such as perches. It is great if you live in a house where you can do an outdoor cat enclosure, the cat will be able to move around without feeling trapped.

A bored cat with no activity will eventually turn to your couch, bitting and peeing outside their litter boxes.

Training a Siamese Maine Coon Mix

Training this breed will be easy for even new cat parents. They are intelligent which is why they can easily learn new tricks and routines. With positive reinforcements such as praises and treats, you’ll see how fast they master the shake paws, roll over, and other tricks.

While they will enjoy the evening or early day walks, keep them in a harness or leash, and ensure you’ve trained them well before taking them on a walk.

Health and Conditions

Unlike what will happen when you cross-breed two pure-breed dogs, which results in a disease-prone life. Cross-breeding two cat breeds produces healthier hybrids since their genetic diversity is increased.

Usually, between the Siamese and Maine Coon, the Siamese is more susceptible to the disease we will be listed below. The Maine coon Siamese mix will suffer:

  • Obesity
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Lymphoma
  • Amyloidosis
  • Dermatitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Convergent strabismus
  • Feline asthma
  • Megaesophagus
  • Progressive retina antrophy


Your time input in grooming depends on two factors the Siamese Maine coon mix has long hair or short hair.

A short-haired cat requires less brushing per week, they can make do with a brushing session per week. While a long-haired hybrid will need you to groom them two times or more per week since they are shedders.

Grooming is a great way to discover if your feline friend is having any skin infections. Also, take note of your cat’s ears and nails, clip and clean as needed.

The general weak point of a cat is their teeth, you need to brush their teeth weekly if you can, this will ensure they don’t develop the prefrontal disease.

Maine Coon Siamese Mix Adoption

Finding an exact match of a Maine coon Siamese mix for adoption can be a tough one. Before you go adopting, you need to be sure you know the appearance of the breed so well, as you may adopt a different cat from what you originally intended to get.

Make your research online for quality breeders, and scan forums for people who are not willing to keep taking responsibility for their kittens or rescue homes.

Maine coon siamese mix price

The parents of these cat breeds are on the high side making the hybrid a more expensive option. The price will vary across regions around the world. In the united states, a Maine coon siamese mix for sale will cost from $400 to $200.

If you’re lucky, you can find them in rescue centers for a lower price. Don’t buy without a proper checkup, so you don’t buy a defective breed.

Final Thoughts

The Maine coon Siamese mix is a friendly addition to you home, you are always going to love having them around. They are also friendly with children and other pets. It is great to note that they can be susceptible to separation anxiety. Make proper arrangements before leaving them all alone.

If you have pets at home, introduce them to you kitten under supervision. If you have issues regarding this breed, feel free to let us know.


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