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How To Keep Cat Off Lizard Cage

It is a popularly known fact that Lizards and Cats cohabiting together is a recipe for tragedy. Intending cat owners who already have a Lizard at home are most times researching efficient ways on how to keep cat off lizard cage. Similarly, intending lizard owners who already have cats at home are also seeking for reliable ways on how to keep cat off lizard cage. “How to keep cat off lizard cage” is a serious and sensitive issue because cats instinctively and naturally prey on lizards.

However, there are several things that can be put in place to keep cats of a lizard’s cage. It is important to note that some methods employed to keep a cat off the cage of a lizard are more effective than others. A cat and lizard owner should also consider other factors like the size of the cat, the size of the lizard cage and  the specie of both the cat and the lizard in order to devise a suitable means for how to keep cat off lizard cage.

Place The Lizard Cage On A Stand With No Ledge For A Cat To Stand On

How to keep cat off lizard cage may simply ball down to the type of stand you place your lizard cage on. It is wise for someone who owns cats and a lizard to make sure that the stand on which the lizard cage is placed on is higher than the average height the cats can reach. It is however , very important that the stand upon which the lizard cage is places on, have very little to no ledge that a cat can comfortably stand on.

If you have a lizard, and you place the lizard cage on a low height stand that has enough space on the ledge which can accommodate a cat, then do not expect your cats to keep off the lizard cage. But as a cat and lizard owner, if you strategically place your lizard cage on a high stand , which does not have a ledge wide enough for a cat to jump and stand on, then be rest assured that you can keep your cat or cats off the lizard cage because there will be no space for your feline pets to stand on in order to access the lizard cage. Placing the lizard cage on a stand with no ledge for a cat to stand on is one of the most effective and efficient ways people can use to settle the issue about how to keep  cat off the lizard cage.

Use A Non-toxic Cat Repellent

Another recommended solution on how to keep cat off lizard cage is the use of cat repellents. There are several cat repellents in the markets that can be used at home to keep cats away from certain places in the house. Cat and lizard owners can purchase some of these cat repellents and use them in certain areas where they don’t want their cats to hang around, and such spots where the cat repellents are used are recommended to be where the lizard cage is kept.

It is important for the cat and lizard owners to ensure that the brand of cat repellent they use are Non-toxic to the cats and also to the lizard because the cat repellents will regularly be used around the lizard cage to secure it from cats. These cat repellents works by emitting and releasing substances into the atmosphere which cats finds offensive and there by avoid areas where the cat repellents was used. So when next you are thinking of how to keep cat off lizard cage , standard quality and safe cat repellents are a good option to consider.

Use An Extra Lock On The Lizard Cage

Simply using an extra lock on the cage of a lizard is sometimes all you need to do to keep cats off the cage. It is good for people who owns both cats and lizards to make sure that they get a standard cage for their lizards, which comes with an effective lock, however , it is even better for owners of lizards and cats to use an extra lock on the lizard cage, in order to reinforce the protection of the lizard from the cats.

The materials used in making the lizard cage also contribute to how easy or difficult it is to keep cats off the lizard cage. So it is advisable for cat and lizard owners to get a standard cage for their lizard and also use extra locks on the cage in order to effectively keep cats off the lizard cage. Getting extra locks for your lizard cage might just be the best answer to how to keep cat off lizard cage.

Make Sure The Lizard Cage Is Not Kept In the Same  Room As The Cat

One of the easiest solution for how to keep cat off lizard cage is to simply move the lizard cage in to a separate room which your cats do not have access to. This is one of the most simple way for people who own both cats and lizards to keep the cats off the cage of their lizard. This method is effective and efficient because most times the cats do not see the lizard cage since it is in a separate room, and this makes the cats less tempted to want access to the lizard.

It is important to note that cat and lizard owners who have limited rooms in their homes might find it difficult to keep their cats and lizards in separate rooms. In this case, cat and lizard owners who can not afford to keep the lizard cage in a separate room from their feline pets can use physical barriers such as fences to demarcate a room , in order to keep the lizard  cage in a separate place. This can solve the issue of how to keep cat off lizard cage.

Is It Okay To Let My Cat Play With Lizards

Lizards are reptiles, and it is a well known fact that cats are natural predators who hunt reptiles. It is therefore not a good idea to let your cat play with lizards. Due to the inbuilt instinct of cats to prey on lizards, it can be very dangerous to allow your cat to play with lizards as it is likely to end tragically.

In addition, it is not okay to let your cats play with lizards because of health reasons. Lizards are prone to be carriers of sickness and diseases that  are risky and highly dangerous to the cat health. This is why it is important to employ one or more of the above discussed methods  on how to keep cat off lizard cage, if you want cats and lizards to coexist safely under the same roof.

Finally, regardless of the method selected for how to keep cat off lizard cage, it is recommended and wise for owners of both cats and lizards to keenly monitor the activities of the feline creatures in the house , especially around the lizard cage. After setting up various barriers and implementing several means to keep cats off lizard cage, it is important to put more effort in supervising the cat because cats can get curious about the cage and they might even exploit some unforeseen circumstances to get access to the lizard cage , which can be detrimental.


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