Signs of Obedient Behaviour in Cats

July 6, 2018 Off By aboutcat

Cats come with various moods as well as behaviours. Each of cats may have different behaviour with another. In order to read the behaviour of the cat, you will have possibility either to enjoy the cat or get attack by it. Cats are considered as sensitive and cautious creatures. One of the characteristics they have associated with their nature is that they cannot easily trust something or someone. They will actually trust something until it successfully has gotten it. However, we often can find obedient cat around us. That is perhaps the cat has really trusted the person close with it. Some of these signs will help you to discover whether the cat has obedient behaviour or not.

Sit on haunches is one of the attitudes how cats show that their obedience. This attitude perhaps is less concerned by many people as well as cat owners as one way how the cat appears to be obedient. Most of them do not know about it and tend to ignore as they think that it is considered as common attitude of cat. When more aggressive or dominant one comes nearer or in case when its owner comes, an obedient cat will sit on haunches. This is how the cats show that they are not a threat for other cat or people who want to get closer to them.

Aside from sit on haunches, cat which has obedient behaviour will also lower its tail to show it. An obedient cat may lower its tail for anything or anyone close to give the sign to them that they are not aggressive. How cat lower its tail can be different from one cat to another. The difference most likely is shown with different height of its tail. Some cats perhaps lower their tail slightly below the line of their back so that it is quite similar with sit on haunches position. Meanwhile, some other cat prefer to lower the tail so that it appears stuck around their feet. Even though there are different, but both ways on how cats do with their tail show that they are obedient.

You also can get sign whether the cat has obedient attitude or not through its ears. Cats will makes its ears fat if they are obedient. Even though it seems like the attitude of aggressive cat, but it actually a sign of obedient. How cat flattens its ear can be a sign of obedience due to fear on something but it is actually obedient behaviour of a cat.

Another way on how cats show obedience is by lying on side with their upper paw raised. When people or other cat comes nearer and they lay in this position, it shows that they are surrender. The position of their paw is raised is sign of awareness even though they are relaxed and obedient. Their paw is ready to strike when they want to get up. When cat lying in this position, not require long lime after they want, they will have enough strike and directly run away.