Persian Cats and Dogs, Can They Live Together?

Persian Cats and Dogs, Can They Live Together?

July 6, 2018 Off By aboutcat

What do you think about cat? Some people think that cat is the cute pet ever and this pet can be the human friend at home. How about you, do you think so? If yes you do, it means you will be interested with our discussion today. In this chance, we will discuss about the cat, especially the Persian cat. Have you ever seen the Persian cat? This cat is not similar with common cat, it has the unique characteristics; such as has the flat nose, chubby chicks, fat body, and long hair. This characteristic makes the Persian cat looks cute.

In fact, there are various types of Persian cat that can be discussed. Yet, the difference between them is only about the appearance. Some Persian cats are the breed with the other cat race, so it makes their looks are different. Basically, their act and habit are similar, for example Persian cats and dogs can be friend. As you know, it has a small chance where the cat and dog can live harmoniously in one place. Usually, cat and dog will fight when they meet each other. What thing that makes cat and dog can live together without enmity? Research says that there is the similarity of Persian cats and dogs.

Some of you are certainly curious, how come the cat and dog can live together in one place? Persian cat is not similar with other cats. This pet has the good attitude even it is extremely spoiled. For your information, Persian cat is a type of cat with gentle and kind characteristic. Different with other cats that are noisy, Persian cats are classified as the quiet cats. That’s why this cat can be live together with dog because its voice is not disturbing and trigger the quarrel between them.

If you have a plan to adopt Persian cat but you already have a dog, it will give you the serious problem. Persian cat will be nice as long as it has a friend. Persian cat is not a type of cat with loneliness. It needs friend because this cat is active. Sometimes, when the cat has no friend, this cat will ask the owner to always be with it. If you have an idea to put a Persian cat together with your dog, you no need to be worry about them.

Based on the research has been done in Persian cat, there is a similar characteristic of Persian cats and dogs; they are friendly. Persian cat is a pet that cannot live with loneliness and dog is a kind of friendly animal. No wonder that Persian cats and dogs can live together and share the place each other. Besides, Persian cats also can share the toys with your dogs nicely. Yet, make sure you can spend time to play with them because Persian cats and dogs need the owner attention more. So, are you ready to have the Persian cat and dog in the same time and place? Let’s try and see what will happen!