Most common cat breeds in the world

Most common cat breeds in the world

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Even though all cats are friendly pets and basically every breed of cats can be a good pet and friend however there are few cat breeds which are prefered then others. There are some special qualities of each cat breed but for the most part all cats can be good pets. Choosing the perfect cat breed can be a daunting task but we are here to help you with that.

If you are looking for information on different breeds of cat in order to find the perfect breed of cat for your family or if you already own a beautiful cat and want to know more about the breed of that cat you have come to the right place. When i was researching for the best and most suitable cat breed for myself i was very disappointed with the information provided on the internet and you will find most of the time either its incomplete information on cat breeds or you cant even find any information about the cat breed you are looking for.

We here at PetCats are introducing a series of articles on most popular cat breeds so you can benefit from this site and choose the right cat breed for yourself and for your family.

We have compiled a list of common and popular cat breeds. These cat breeds are ranked by their unique qualities. It is important to keep in mind that this list is not an official top cat breeds list however it is just list of top cat breeds that PetCats think can be better pets and good breeds to chose from.

Top Cat Breeds

  • Abyssinian Cat
  • Persian Cat.
  • Maine Coon Cat
  • Rag doll Cat
  • Siamese Cat
  • Sphynx Cat
  • Himalayan Cat
  • Siberian Cat
  • Bengal Cat
  • Burmese Cat

Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat is reputed to be descended from the ancient Egyptian cat. It is believed that Abyssinian cat was originated from Egyptian kitten Zula that was bred with an English Tabby Cat. Abyssinian is one of the most popular and

adorable short hair cat breed in US. It is believed that there are still wild Abyssinian Cat in parts of North Africa including Libya and Egypt.

Abyssinian cat has a ticked and tawny coat with short fur. The Paws and tail of Abyssinian cat might bear tabby markings but the body must not. Abyssinian cat generally has warm golden color but because of further breeding of Abyssinian cat it can now be found in blue, cinnamon and red colors too. Abyssinian cat generally have almond shaped eyes with green or gold eyes that have very find dark line around them. Abyssinian cats generally have large ears as compared to other cat breeds.

Abyssinian Cats as Pets

The Abyssinian cats are very active, loyal, friendly and playful and usually they are not lap cats. Abyssinian cats are very friendly and busy cats which is one of the main reason this breed of cats is so popular as domestic pet cat in US. Since Abyssinian cats are very active they tend to get bored easily and for that reason they need more attention then most of the other cat breeds. Abyssinian cats like most other cat breeds are very fond of heights and will explore their surrounding. Abyssinian cats are one of the most intelligent cat breeds and for that reason they are very independent and free busy cats. This is also an other reason for Abyssinian cat breed to be so popular as a pet because of their intelligence it is fairly easy to train them.

Persian Cats

Persian cat is another beautiful, adorable, friendly and very nice cat breed. Persian cat is also one of the oldest breeds of cats in the world. Origin of Persian cat is believed to be Iranian plateau which is traditionally known as Persia in the west hence the reason of the name “Persian cat”

One of the main reason the Persian cat gained so much popularity was due to Hollywood. Persian cats are very beautiful and cute cats and the good thing about Persian cat is that they come in almost every color including solid colors or just about anything that one can imagine. Persian cats are very affectionate yet they are undemanding. Persian cats are very calm and quiet yet very beautiful and cute and thats why they win heart of everyone. You will never see a noisy Persian cat which is one of the reason people like Persian cat so much as pet.

Here are some Pros and Cons of a Persian cat.

Pros of Persian Cat

Persian cats beauty is behind their fast growing popularity. Persian cats are wonderful and very friendly companions and they fit in any family just like if they were part of that family for ever. Persian cats are know for their affection and this breed of cats is very calm and quite and are never noisy.

Cons of Persian Cats

One of the biggest back draw of Persian cats is their coat which require considerable attention and professional grooming. Persian cats are very unethical breeders and one has to take care of that. Persian cats also carry some genetic problems with them which include but are not limited to dental and sinus abnormalities which can be deadly.

Maine Coon Breed

The Maine Coon cat is another very popular cat breed. Maine Coon cat is one of the largest cat breeds in the world. The Maine Coon is very well known for its intelligence and beautiful physical appearance. The Maine Coon cat is also known as the gentle giant due to its distinctive physical characteristics and playfulness.

Maine Coon cat is one of the oldest breeds and is believed to be originated from England. It is believed by most breeders that Maine Coon cat was originated in matings between pre existing short haired cats in England and overseas long-hairs resulting in this beautiful breed of cats known as The Maine Coon Cat.

Maine Coon are very large and very energetic cats hence the reason of the name “gentle giant” given to this breed of cat. Maine Coon cats can sometime reach 11-12 Kilograms. Maine Coon cats often have brown color with tabby markings but Maine Coons can be found in almost all colors. Maine Coons generally have medium long but dense fur on the chest which is one of the similarity between Maine Coon cats and lion. Fur of Maine Coon consists of two layers which gives the breed their key physical feature that pet owners are proud of. Fur of Maine Coon is generally very soft and they have long hairs on the back of their legs which helped them keep warm in the harsh winters of England. Maine Coon cats often have large ears.

Maine Coon Cats as Pets

The Maine Coon cats are often distinguished by their intelligence and playfulness. One of their best quality is their tendency to use their paws extensively and for that reason a Maine Coon cat will very easily learn how to open doors or pick up small objects or play with small toys some even use their paws while eating. For that reason Maine Coon is favored over other breeds as a domestic pet cat since it is easy to train and due to their above average intelligence.

The Maine Coon is best choice if you are looking for a very loyal and friendly breed for the family.

The Maine Coon do have some genetic health issues but with proper care and right choice of breeder one can minimize the risk of any such health problems in Maine Coon Cats. Potential health issues in Maine Coon cats include Hyper trophic cardiomyopathy a disease of heart muscle other health issues in Maine Coon Cat breed are Hip Dysplasia. Even with above few known health issues that might trap a Maine Coon they are generally more healthy then other common breeds of cats.

Bengal Cats

bengal cat in jungle

The Bengal cat is not so very popular as a domestic pet cat yet however it is one of the best cat breeds. I personally have a Bengal Cat and it is my favorite breed. It is more like a wild cat and resembles a lot like a Asian Leopard and that is the reason some people fear and thus do not like Bengal cats as their pets. Bengal Cat however is one of the best pet that you can own.

Bengal Cat is a cross between a domestic cat and wild Asian Leopard Cat hence the reason Bengal Cat looks so like a wild leopard. Bengal Cat breed was produced to have a cat with a domestic pet temper and look of a wild cat. No doubt that it was a successful cross and you can now own the wilderness of Bengal jungles and yet be completely safe from that wilderness. Bengal Cat is definitely one of the best breed and has no partner in its look.

Bengal cat is medium to large cat often weighing about 5-10 kilogram. Bengal cat has a very sleek and muscular body and is very dominate characteristic of a Bengal cat and wilderness of Bengal jungles. Bengal cat has a feral look that resembles a lot with Asian leopard and it bears small ears on her nice and cute rounded face.

Bengal Cat occupies a coat known as pelt which is dense and soft. Bengal cat often has leopard spotted pattern but there are few other patterns that are also found in Bengal cats such as marbled or sepia. Leopard spots are however preferred pattern of Bengal cat breeders. Bengal cats in rare colors such as black are not very desirable and so you will not find very much variation in the colors or pattern and the main reason of that is again the look of wilderness which can only be accomplished with leopard spotted pattern and desirable color.

Bengal Cats as Pets

Due to wild characteristics in the first few generations only Bengal cats with four or more generations removed are allowed to be shown and any generation below four should not be purchased as pet. However a Bengal cat that is at least four generations removed should be very intelligent, friendly, loyal and energetic which makes Bengal cats breed very desirable. Bengal cats are considered to be one of the coolest breed to show off since it is not very popular and it resembles like a Asian Leopard people often take very interest in Bengal Cats.

I sometimes take my Bengal Cat with me on morning walk and i always have people telling me that they like my cat. Some kids like Bengal cats while others with weak heart get scared but there is no reason to be worried because after first few generations removed this cat breed becomes one of the most friendliest and loyal cats.

Bengal Cats are very strong and often have very few health problems but they are sensitive to vaccines and one must take proper care to avoid any allergies developed in Bengal cats.