Most Common Cat Behavior Problems

Most Common Cat Behavior Problems

July 6, 2018 Off By aboutcat

When it comes to cat behavior problems, there are some issues you will need to consider. Some cat’s behaviors are cute and funny but what if its behavior becomes so annoying? No need to worry much about that. In fact, some cat’s behavior has simple solutions. First of all, you have to deal with your cat’s behavior therefore you will be able to get accustomed to how they behave. Listed below are some cat behavior problems along with the solution may help you. Scroll down to find out more!

Cats That Scratch or Bite People

Whether your cat bites or scratch for longer time, you can still teach them to be gentler with people. Just keep in mind that you should give them some opportunities to express their aggression in some acceptable ways.

As you know, all cats need to play. They swat, bite, wrestle and also tackle. When your cat bites or scratches your hand, he might probably think that he is playing with you. Never use your feet or hand to play with your cat. Get some scarves, feathers, wands or other interactive toys and provide time about fifteen minutes a day to play around with your lovely cat.

Cats That Wake You Up Too Early or Keep You Up at Night

At first, you have to understand about your cat’s nighttime behavior. Does your cat wake you up on purpose or he is he too noisy after the bedtime? In case your cat purposely wakes you up make sure to identify these some common causes:

  • Is he lonely or bored? Be sure that they have some quite toys. You also have to make sure that they have lots of companionship, exercise and stimulation during the day.
  • Is he thirsty or hungry? Feed your lovely cat on schedule, and make sure to give them meal before going to bed.

Cats That Scratch Rugs, Clothes or Furniture

If you feel so frustrated with your cat behavior problems especially scratching behavior, it would be better to try some behavior modification. If you don’t want them to scratch up your furniture, therefore, you will really need some acceptable places to scratch.

When you have got some scratching posts orderly, try to combine some discouragement when your cat go under her claws with lavish and enthusiastic praise each time she approached a scratching post.

Cats That Going Out the Litter Box

A problem over a litter box commonly occurs. However, there are some solutions you can take to resolve your litter box for your cats.

• Upgrading your equipment.

Be sure that you have provided several litter boxes which are comfortable and large for your cats.

• Rule out some medical problems.

Illness or infection will make your cat being hard if you cannot control the bladder.

• Location.

Place the kitten litter box in accessible and pleasant place.

• Opt for the right litter box.

For your information, cats could be rapidly creatures, and appropriate litter box will make a difference. To mimic your room situation, it would be better to find the one which fits your cat best.

• Clean and fresh.

Go for a litter box that east to clean. So that you will have a fresh and clean litter box to solve your cat behavior problems.