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Is cheesing real? Can You Get High Form Cat Pee?

Is Cheesing real? Cheesing is the act of getting high on a cat’s urine that has fermented, but does this work? In the TV series South Park, Mr. Mackey was trying to lecture the boys against choking to get high, which triggered their curiosity to get high by letting Mr. Kitty(a cat) Squirt its urine on their faces.

This can be likened to the act of creating a hallucinogen by fermenting human waste under the sun and then inhaling the fumes that come out after, which is known as jenkem. It was a popular act in Zambia in the 1950s, but does your cat’s urine possess chemical compounds that can be broken down into inhalants? Let us delve in!

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Understanding Cat’s Urine

A cat’s urine, which is waste excreted by the kidney, consists of urea, creatinine, water, uric acid, proteins, and other non-permanent components like blood cells, crystals, and glucose found only in unhealthy cats’ urine. The urea gives the urine that distinct odor as it breaks down into ammonia, which can be hard to clean out when left to decay, except Listerine is used.

The age, health, and gender of a cat determine the urine’s composition. For instance, the presence of testosterone causes male cats to have urine with a stronger odor when compared to females. Also, aged cats’ urine is usually more concentrated as a result of their depreciated kidney function.

Also present in the cat’s urine are pheromones, a chemical that is used by felines to communicate. The pheromones are very useful in helping cats exercise their instinctive duties of marking territories and attracting mates. Pheromones are also the reason why your kitty will spray in some locations of your house, or even urinate outside their litter boxes, creating a dried urine stench that could be removed with the use of pinesol.

Is cheesing real?

What is cheesing? Cheesing, also known as “cat cheese,” is a term that gained popularity on the internet through memes and viral videos. However, it is not a real or legitimate practice, and there is no scientific or practical evidence that it can actually occur in real life.

Among all cats’ pheromones, we have one of interest which is the Felinine, it is used primarily as a means of communication between cats. When Felinine is broken down, an amino acid known as 2-phenylethylamine (PEA) is formed, and it possesses stimulant properties. This is why it is believed that a cat’s urine can get us high, but how true is that?

The basic drawback would be knowing when the Felinine has broken down to 2-phenylethylamine. Also, by that time, the ammonic ion would be too corrosive to inhale. Besides hallucinogenic effects, confusion, depression, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and vomiting may be experienced after inhaling 2-phenylethylamine According to ScienceDirect, also, most likely, any effect you’ll feel is psychosomatic as the psychoactive compounds are not enough to get you high.

Further, Inhaling a cat’s urine will expose you to ammonia or ammonium ions, which can be harmful in concentrated levels and will cause a burning sensation to the nose, throat, and eyes—possibly leading to blindness—and this may be accompanied by rhinorrhea, lacrimation, and coughing. According to the study. It is worth noting that ammonia poisoning has no antidote.

Can You Get High Form Cat Pee? – Final Thoughts

After the cat’s urine is expelled from the body, it won’t be long before cat urine encounters bacteria that trigger a range of reactions. Within a short period of time, the decomposition process begins, resulting in the release of mercaptans and other compounds. In large enough quantities, these compounds might have effects similar to N,N Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is commonly found in psychedelic substances. Taking everything into consideration, the answer to whether cat urine can cause a high is “perhaps.”

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