Common Mistakes That Lead to Cat Behavior Issues

Common Mistakes That Lead to Cat Behavior Issues

July 6, 2018 Off By aboutcat

For your information, all cat behavior issues have a cause, and you have to know about it. As you know, cat behavior issue is hard to live with. It’s not fun at all to live with cats that urinate outside their litter box or becoming aggressive without clear provocation. Cats will never urinate outside the litter box if they are relaxing. Many of those unpleasant cat behaviors can actually be avoided. Some behavior may be caused by their cat parents as well. Here are some common mistakes that can possibly lead to cat behavior problems.

Not Taking a Cat to Your Vet after a Sudden Behavior Change

This is considered as serious cat behavior issues somehow. Frequently, the cat parents conclude that the problems like aggression, shyness, and eliminating the litter box are classified into behavior challenges. Sometimes, cats tend to hide their illness very well therefore the cat parents should pay attention to the medical issues indications. Behavior changes should be advanced as a behavior challenge only after your vet examine your cats and give them some prescriptions.

Insufficient Attention to Litter Box

Sometimes, the elimination issues over cat behavior are considered as cat behavior consultation. The elimination challenge majority are commonly caused by the cat parents that not clean the litter box quite enough, placing the litter box at the wrong location, not having enough litter box and also poor litter box choices. In addition, the elimination issues can actually be avoided by these basic rules:

• Place the litter box in area that will please the cats, not the people. They shouldn’t be together in only one room, nor should they be place in location where your cats feel cornered like closets or cabinets.

• Scoop the litter box once a day as well as washing them on a regular basis. Even though it may seem noticeable, many people usually overlook to scoop the litter box every day, even hardly ever wash it.

• Opt for boxes that your cats will comfortable use. The litter box should be uncovered and large. Ideally, the litter box should be at least 1.5 times the cat length.

• Make certain there are enough litter boxes you provide. The cat boxes rule is one box for each cat and one per home. In case your cats are three, therefore you will need to provide 4 boxes.

Hurrying Introduction

A common mistake most cat owners make is rushing introduction among cats. For your information, cats are territorial that will not immediately accept other cats into their territory. Introducing the cats too quickly will lead to loud and violence, that one kind of unfriendly displays somehow. Instead of hurrying the introduction, make sure to keep your cats separated each other and introduce them each other gradually. It will take about one month or even longer to have stress-free introduction as well.

Using Hand When Playing with Them

As you know, many people can’t resist using their hand when playing with cats. Kittens and cats who play with hand sometimes don’t understand boundaries that will possible scratch and bite when play and soliciting attention. From the viewpoint of cats, it doesn’t make sense that they’re encouraged to bite hands to avoid cat behavior issues.