Cat as a pet

A cat is the best pet to own. Cats win the hearts of their owners through their elegance and cats mews effect everyone almost instantly. Cat has a mind of her own and she believes in itself still she is gentle and nice enough to be liked by everyone. There have been lot of myths related to cats like during ancient times cat was believed to be an evil spirit and those were bad days for cats. These days cats have become part of almost every household and lot of families have welcomed and included cats in their families to be a companion for lifetime.

One can have no other better companion then cat. A cat may not be in front of you every time but you know that your cat is close to you. Your cat might not answer your call every time but you are aware that she is indeed listening to you like a nice pet. A cat need your love and support all the time a cat is like a spoil child who remembers her mama only when she is hungry or when she needs her. May be, it is because of this reason only that we love cats so much. A cat is one of the coolest animals and that is one of the number one reason a cat is best pet to own.

About Cats

Cat as a pet typically live anywhere from 14 to 20 years. Cats are very intelligent animals and as a pet cats can be trained to obey simple commands given by pet owners. Cats are found to be very social animals and it is one of the reason cats tend to be very good pets. Cats living with humans is a social adaptation which has developed over thousands of years and now cats have adapted so much to humans that they are considered to be very nice and loyal pets. With proper training and attention cats can be best pets to have and cats can change your life forever.Cats do not prefer to mingle with other cats so if you are planning to bring another cat to home make sure that you do it carefully since cats take a lot of time to accept other cats in the same house.

A cat can be ones best friend too a cat enters your life and brings along the friendship and love a cat always acts the way she wants or she likes with full honesty. If you are a cat owner then consider yourself blessed because cat will never make you feel alone.

If you want a cat, have a cats, or just simply like cats, you’ve come to the right place for all kinds of information about living with and loving cats.